Let’s face it, you aren’t here to hear about me. I am just a girl in love with learning and if you are here, there is a very likely chance you and I have something in common: A passion for teaching, a continuous exploration of helping others to learn. 

My forte: languages. Though, thanks to Guy Claxton’s Building Learning Power, I can hardly say the learning stops at verb tenses.

During this decade and counting of my journey in education, I have helped hundreds of adults to communicate in their newly acquired languages of English and Spanish.

But I didn’t actually set out to do so.

I started a Spanish school in Rosario, Argentina because I needed to learn the language after meeting my match in the hills of Machu Picchu. The problem was, I hadn’t the slightest idea about pedagogical strategies. I had studied Sociology not Educational Science. The only thing I had behind me was a genuine desire to inspire students to, not only learn the language, but also live it. An experience-based Spanish language school.

That is when I met Becky Carlzon. Until then, I had been guiding lessons on the mere instinct of creative notion, banking on my intuition rather than tried and tested methods. Becky came to study Spanish with me and single handedly started a burning desire to give my intuition more shape. After assisting her in two out of the three conferences Guy gave here in Argentina, I was sold on Building Learning Power.

This blog is about that growth spurt. It is my stream of consciousness, my digging into BLP and adapting it to adult learners. It is about the adventure of learning a language through the acquisition of life skills and all the bumps and bruises that help us to persevere.